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About Me

Okay. So you want to know about me. My name is Phoebe. I have two sisters named Jubilee and Kylie who also have a page here. Jubilee actually has several (view her homepage here), while Kylie, I assume, hasn't done anything to hers.

I was just going to talk about myself and my interests until you got it, but I've decided it might be more efficient (if you wanted to know about me, that is) to give a little Fact Sheet sort of thing.

Name: Phoebe
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Phoeba, Mango, Phoebz, and various spin-offs of Phoeba.
Age: Younger than 30
Birthday: January 25
Favorite Food: Potatoes
Pets: (baby-sat) Miku
Favorite Animal: Saw-whet owl
Hobbies: (in order of enjoyment) Writing, Singing, Cross-Stitching
Weight: approx. 90 lbs
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Chinese
Favorite School Subject: Science/French
Immediate Family: Mom (Janet), Dad (Wai), Younger sister(Jubi), Youngest sister(Kylie)
Best friends: Alice C., Maggie L., Aileen L., Kristi L.
Favorite TV show: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Religion: Nondenomination Christian
Career Aspirations: surgeon
Personal Philosophies: 1) Don't obsess over anyone. 2) Enjoy life, whatever the cost. [Does not work that well if done in excess.] 3)Do what you can handle, nothing more. 4) Look at an argument from all points of view.

So that's a little, or maybe a lot, about me. You can ask my sisters what they really think about me, though they usually call me a stuckup, greedy and mean person. I think of myself as generally happy, very wild, fairly intelligent, tactful, and laid-back (a.k.a. lazy).

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About the Site

Here I think it would be best to just talk, as a site cannot really have a facts sheet...it isn't a person. The whole site was born in early summer, though I didn't get round to building my pages until recently. The pages I made were born on August 11, 2006. Very technically it was born on August 10, which is when I started to build it, but I soon demolished the site that was being built and remade everything. More details about the site's birth will be available in due time.

The whole site was created by Waichung and has pages for the whole family. The site exists to keep others notified as to what goes on in the family. It is a family site. It also gives us a chance to practice our HTML skills and put out any useful or entertaining information on the Web. Pardon my seemly lack of Technical Jargon or whatnot, but it's also just plain cool having a website that almost nobody knows about.

More information will be coming.

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About People

This is just a bunch of silly stuff describing my friends.

My Friends

Alice C.
Alice is arguably the best friend I have ever had the fortune of meeting. She always was secretive, and has recently relocated herself halfway across the country. Be that as it may, she was always kind, scientific, and understanding. Also, she didn't like people pulling her ponytail.

Jayjay C.
Jayjay C. almost never stopped smiling. Even if the sky was overcast, she fell in a puddle and failed a test (all that never happened), I'm sure she would complain about it with a smile. My mother loved her. She was most certainly a good friend.

Maggie L.
Maggie is another arguable best friend I have ever met or will meet. She was with me in French class and ditched me in it twice. She was also semi-secretive, and was possibly Alice's best friend. Poor Maggie was always teased for no reason whatsoever, except that we felt like it. In spite of that, she remained steadfast, understanding, and stout.

Kristi L.
Kristi and I met in the good old days of fifth grade. She and I were close friends then and close friends now. She was a violinist, and probably still is. She was a silly one, though a good mathematician, and still is.

Aileen L.
Aileen is perhaps the most intelligent person I have ever befriended. An outstanding and helpful person, she survived the seventh grade horror of an English teacher. She was one of the greatest friends I ever met or will meet, and was somewhat shorter than me. I hope she hasn't stopped growing.

Eugenia T.
Eugenia has moved away (though not as far as Alice has), but I will never forget the happy year or so spent as her friend in school. I can still see her walking along with Maggie. Mm, nostalgic, isn't it?

Dezzy X.
Dezzy started out as Kristi's friend from a violin organization of sorts, then became mine too. She was an intelligent person, a fairly fast runner, and a good friend.

Raymond C.
Raymond is an old friend of mine that I met in seventh grade. He had the same PE, History and math teacher as me, though not the same class times.

Justin C.
Justin was in my seventh grade math class. He was often homework-less, and a kind soul, though he graffitied my yearbook.

Thomas C.
One of the most intelligent male people I ever knew. A little annoying because of it.

Michael C.
A guy who was in my fifth grade class and my seventh grade math class. He was a distinguishable person.

Alvin L.
A very kind, intelligent soul. In a science class of mine. Quite talkative.

Elaine K.
A very, very intellectual girl. Quite Good at French and a mathematician beyond her years.

Nitya S.
Nitya, like Elaine, was intelligent and in a higher math class. Good at French, too, and very nice. She survived the seventh grade horror of an English teacher along with Aileen.

Eric G.
Eric is an acquaintance of mine. He, Raymond and I are kindred spirits.

Dennis L.
Dennis was a fellow person. He was always quite kind and never acted rudely...although he always talked during inappropriate times.

Monica Y.
Monica was in my French class. She's a kind soul. She isn't the greatest French speaker, but she always did her best. We all did.

Emily S.
She was Monica's parner in French class. She wasn't the absolute master of French (that was Bowei)but like the rest of us, she did try. Dezzy didn't really like her, but I did.

BoWei L.
He was the resident genius of the seventh grade and beyond. We aren't close friends, though the reasons why are not at all onerous.

Miku is the Yorkshire terrier belonging to owners Nash and Octavio. She is loyal and despises children and is very protective, though she can offer little protection.

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