The Long Awaited Story

Thank you very much for visiting my site. Thank you for coming to this particular section of the site. I have barely begun work on it, but I already feel that this site may turn out to be my pride and joy. People have often said that I am a good writer. I don't know about that, but I know I really, really (for lack of a better adjective) like to write. This chronicles the life of an alien girl called Marya Chang living on a male-dominated planet (called Ixions) that is often at war with its rival (the female-dominated Ziranez). She experiences war, loss, love, and as regular a life as she can have on her volatile planet. She must also learn to control the innate powers bestowed onto the Ixionian people, and learn to control the special abilities she has that only one other Ixionian does.

Through her hardships, she emerges as the person it takes many years for most to become.


Chapter 1: Normal Life Before the Chaos

Chater 2: Love in the Time of Tension

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